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January 16, 2018

Recent publication from our subsidiary NeoNeuro


Aptamers as biomarkers for neurological disorders. Proof of concept in transgenic mice



November 23, 2016


NeoVentures will be holding the 3rd Annual Aptamer Workshop in Paris on February 21 st. This is an opportunity to learn about all aspects of aptamers from the leading company in the field. Dr. Gregory Penner will be presenting a full description of our new free/free selection strategy FRELEX. We will discuss the mathematics of the selection process, and Next Generation Sequencing ( NGS) aptamer sequence analysis. We will present data on different binding assay methods and discuss the pros and cons of each one. We will also provide an update on NeoVentures’ and NeoNeuro’s latest developments on applications for diagnostics therapeutics and biomarker discovery.

Free Workshop. Pre-registration required by February 7th. 2017 at


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September 15, 2016




We selected novel DNA aptamers targeting the HER2 receptor by an adherent whole-cell SELEX approach. Individual aptamers were identified by next generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Two aptamers, HeA2_1 and HeA2_3, were shown to bind the HER2 protein with affinities in the nanomolar range. In addition, both aptamers were able to bind with high specificity to HER2-overexpressing cells and HER2-positive tumor tissue samples. Furthermore, we demonstrated that aptamer HeA2_3 is being internalized into cancer cells and has an inhibitory effect on cancer cell growth and viability. In the end, we selected novel DNA aptamers with great potential for the diagnosis and possible treatment of HER2-positive cancer.


March 18, 2016

APTAMERS 2016, 04-05 APRIL 2016


Dr. Gregory Penner will be presenting FRELEX, NeoVentures new free-free aptamer selection strategy. This revolutionary selection method does not require immobilization of target molecules or aptamer libraries. This broadens the range of targets available for aptamer selection, including enabling selection for molecular complexes.

Join us in Oxford to learn more about this exciting new chapter in aptamer development.

Aptamers 2016

December 15, 2015



NeoVentures is holding a free workshop on aptamer identification and development in Paris on February 23rd. This is an opportunity to learn about all aspects of aptamers in depth from experts in the field. We will present a full description of our new free/free selection strategy FRELEX. This strategy truly makes SELEX obsolete. Practical information regarding the design of selection strategies, what is and is not possible will be discussed. We will provide an overview of what is necessary and different from antibodies in the development of commercial applications from aptamers.

Paris aptamer workshop flyer

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September 16, 2015



NeoVentures announces the public disclosure of a new platform for aptamer discovery. The new platform represents an improvement over previous methods in that it does not require immobilization of target or aptamer library. The platform is sufficiently different from pre-existing platforms to deserve its own name, FRELEX.

This is the first truly free/free selection system. We have validated the system against a broad range of targets and are excited about the quality of aptamers identified. This is a breakthrough with broad applications. It improves our capacity to identify aptamers for small molecules by eliminating the need for derivatization and enables selection of complexes, protein/protein or protein/metabolite. Perhaps most importantly this even frees us from needing to know what our target is.

To learn more about FRELEX have a look at our last newsletter.




July 14, 2015

Eurogentec s.a. and NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc. are pleased to announce that they have entered into a business alliance to stimulate the development of aptamer applications in Europe. As part of this agreement Eurogentec has agreed to provide NeoVentures clients with discounted pricing on their aptamer synthesis needs.

Eurogentec is a Belgian based company that has developed a global reputation for their commitment to quality synthesis of oligonucleotides for life science research and in vitro diagnostics.

NeoVentures is a Canadian company which has established global leadership in the development of aptamer based diagnostics. Both companies see a bright future for aptamer applications. This agreement is intended to help nurture the commercial development of all forms of aptamer applications throughout Europe.

April 28, 2015


NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of NeoNeuro SAS in conjunction with the Institut du cerveau et de la moelle épinière (ICM) in Paris. This subsidiary has been granted a non-royalty bearing licence to proprietary NeoVentures aptamer platforms for aptamer development with tissues and bodily fluids. NeoNeuro will be working with researchers at ICM to apply these platforms to the discovery of novel biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease. The overall mission of NeoNeuro will be to create a fundamental new basis for therapeutic and diagnostic development based on aptamers. NeoNeuro will also have access to aptamers that NeoVentures has developed for existing known Alzheimer’s biomarkers. We are excited about the potential of this aptamer platform and collaborative research between NeoNeuro and ICM to provide valuable new insights into neurological and psychiatric disorders.


March 9, 2015

In this newsletter we will review the various options that exist for signal detection in aptamer based diagnostics. We will avoid
sophisticated applications such as single molecule cantilevers or channeled light waves and start with the basics.


February 6, 2015

The primary current constraint to increased commercial aptamer applications in diagnostics is their lack of performance. In this issue we describe the problems we have experienced increasing the concentration of aptamers on microtitre plate surfaces and the solutions we have developed that to date work the best.


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Corporate Overview

NeoVentures Biotechnology Inc. identifies and develops aptamer for clients. We were the first company to commercialize an aptamer based diagnostic product and we continue to lead with our knowledge and expertise with a broad range of aptamer applications (RNA and DNA). We have developed aptamers for different applications such as diagnostics, aphoresis, target identification/validation, therapeutics, and affinity column platforms.We provide a full development service from next generation sequence based aptamer discovery  to commercial ready platforms.

NeoVentures is a privately owned Canadian company.