Aptamer Services

NeoVentures provides the following services according to the same terms as our core aptamer development service. We provide the following services to clients who are either not interested in our full aptamer service, or who have development needs for aptamer applications.

Aptamer Selection Only:
- Design of selection strategy
- Execution of three simultaneous selections for a single target

Aptamer Next Generation Sequencing:
- Preparation of up to 12 selected libraries for sequencing analysis
- Next generation sequencing on an Illumina HiSeq 2500
- Analysis of copy number with our proprietary software

Aptamer binding assays (SPRi analysis):
- Synthesis of up to ten candidate sequences with 5' disulphides
- Conjugation of sequences on a gold chip at three concentrations
- Injected target protein in flow at five concentrations
- Analysis of binding curves (generation of ka, kd and kD values for each candidate sequence)

Antisense probe development:
- Design and synthesis of antisense probes that will match the kD of the analyte/aptamer pair for which they are designed.
- Confirmation of kD with SPRi analysis
- Confirmation of competitive displacement of antisense with analyte

Epitope competition analysis:
- Epitope competition analysis for up to ten ligands against a single protein (antibody and aptamers)
- Immobilization of ligands (aptamers and/or antibodies on chip) (SPRi analysis)
- Flow of analyte with individual free ligand
- Analysis of competition results

Aptamer/antibody interaction analysis: 
- Immobilization of up to ten aptamers and/or antibodies on a chip
- Loading of chip with injected target molecule (SPRi analysis)
- Subsequent loading with free ligand (aptamer and/or antibody)
- Sandwich binding analysis

ELASA/ELISA development:
- Immobilization of capture ligand (aptamer and/or antibody) in microtitre plates
- Application of target molecule
- Application of detection ligand (biotinylated)
- HRP based colour development for analysis
- Optimization of concentrations, development times

Aptamer trimming:
- Design of up to ten truncated aptamer sequences per target aptamer.
- Testing of binding performance of each truncated sequence
- Analysis of binding results