UltraFast Affinity Columns for HPLC clean-up 

 mycotoxin clean-up columns for HPLC analysis

The use of DNA ligands in our cleanup columns results in significant improvements for end-users. Our columns enable much faster processing than antibody based columns. There are much lower requirements for the volume of solution loaded onto the column, and our columns have higher flow rates. The Ultra-Fast Cleanup Columns actually flow all on their own, without a need for suction pumps. For most applications the elution product can be directly injected into your HPLC without a need for drying down. Elutions are not performed with 100% methanol, thus assuring that samples are more stable and less affected by evaporation. If time and performance matters to you, you should consider switching to the next generation in mycotoxin cleanup columns from NeoVentures.


OTA-Sense UltraFast Columns for wheat                  Product # 12030
OTA- Sense UltraFast Columns for wine                   Product # 12032
OTA-Sense UltraFast Columns for beer                    Product # 12034                                  
AFLA-Sense UltraFast Columns                               Product # 20530
AFLA-Sense M1 UltraFast Columns for Milk             Product # 20535

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Detection Systems

mycotoxin test kit

What could be improved with your existing mycotoxin ELISA assays? How about no cost for standards, allowing you to process as many or as few samples per day with no extra cost. How about no time dependency for analyzing the results. The same result no longer how long you take between samples. The NeoVentures Myco-Sense System provides all of these advantages in a 96 well format, broader detection range than ELISA's, lower shipping costs (no need for overnight/ice packaging) all with HPLC quality data. This means you will have more confidence in your results, less need to redo samples. The Myco-Sense System is currently available for ochratoxin A and aflatoxins.


Ochratoxin A

OTA-Sense Detection System for Wheat                           Product # 12010 + 12030                         

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OTA-Sense Detection System for Beer                              Product # 12010 + 12032
Beer Brochure    

OTA-Sense Detection System for Wine                             Product # 12010 + 12034
Wine Brochure     


AFLA-Sense Detection System for Corn                         Product # 20510 + 20530
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Buffer B                                                                           Product # BB010
Buffer E                                                                           Product # BE210