Other Aptamer Services

Antisense probe development:

– Design and synthesis of antisense probes that will match the kD of the analyte/aptamer pair for which they are designed.
– Confirmation of kD with SPRi analysis
– Confirmation of competitive displacement of antisense with analyte

Epitope competition analysis:

– Epitope competition analysis for up to ten ligands against a single protein
– Immobilization of ligands (aptamers and/or antibodies on chip) (SPRi analysis)
– Flow of analyte with individual free ligand
– Analysis of competition results

Aptamer/antibody interaction analysis: 

– Immobilization of up to ten aptamers and/or antibodies on a chip
– Loading of chip with injected target molecule (SPRi analysis)
– Subsequent loading with free ligand (aptamer and/or antibody)
– Sandwich binding analysis

ELASA/ELISA development:

– Immobilization of capture ligand (aptamer and/or antibody) in microtitre plates
– Application of target molecule
– Application of detection ligand (biotinylated)
– HRP based colour development for analysis
– Optimization of concentrations, development times

Aptamer trimming:

– Design of up to ten truncated aptamer sequences per target sequence.
– Testing of binding performance of each truncated sequence
– Analysis of binding results