Custom Aptamers

Custom aptamer identification

NeoVentures provides the most advanced and comprehensive aptamer development service available (RNA or DNA, modified or natural nucleotides).

We provide the following:

– Design of a customized selection strategy for your target.
– Delivery of at least two manual selections per target, with appropriate adjustments for stringency and counter-selection in every selection round.
– Delivery includes use of our proprietary FRELEX platform.
– Next generation sequence analysis of libraries from relevant selection rounds.
– Identification of candidate sequences with proprietary Neo-aptamer NGS analysis software, based on abundance    and enrichment rates of millions of sequences.
– High throughput binding assays.
– Full technical support for client applications.

NeoVentures advantages:

Our services make good business and scientific sense for our clients.
– We share with you all the sequences we characterize.
– We grant clients a royalty free, exclusive, global license to the use of all sequences as applied to their target.
– Next generation sequencing provides clients with broad IP protection on their investment.
– We work with clients to ensure that our binding assays with candidate aptamers mimic proposed application conditions.
– We identify aptamers for small metabolites, peptides, proteins, cell lines, and tissues.
– We perform counter-selection with appropriate similar targets as well as matrices such as blood serum or urine.

Our aptamers are commercial ready

– Access to state of the art thinking and technology.
– Mathematical models of aptamer selection process.
– Proprietary FRELEX technology for selection.
– Proprietary analysis of next generation sequencing results.
– Proprietary high throughput binding assay platforms.
– Experience handing off successful results to clients.
– Experience with the immobilization of small molecules.
– Capacity to work with cells and tissues.

We are open to discussing your project with you extensively before you make a commitment to proceed.

We reserve the right to decline a proposed project based on our assessment of the probability of success with the target molecule.